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The Infusion Bracelet embodies our mission- to inspire problem solving through thoughtful collaboration, and consist of several carefully selected gemstones and a QR charm to the Infusion Network' site.


  • Peridot - healing, renewal and rebirth of all kinds, confidence, opens the mind to new awareness, teaches to receive with grace, strengthens blood, reduces lethargy
  • Carnelian - Courage, confidence to get what you want, helps to embrace change, sexuality, energy, aids in overcoming addictions and harmful habits, balances and heals sexual organs
  • Aquamarine - Cooling, soothing, quiet wisdom, clear and calm communication, minimizes anger, helps to let go of the old for new beginnings
  • Onyx - Focus, self-control, wise decision making, quells nervousness and anxiety, good fortune, inner strength, discipline, rebuilds energy and stamina after an illness
  • Howlite - Eliminates stress and worry, enjoyment of life, helps with insomnia, strengthens memory, reduces anger, promotes patience, calming, balances calcium in the body


Purchase of an Infusion Bracelet will grant access to our exclusive membership program, including exclusive products, early access, and discounts.

Infusion Bracelet (BW)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • All sales are final. If for whatever reason your bracelet is broken, we will mend it for you, just send the pieces and we'll take care of the rest!

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