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Mission Statement

The Infusion Network began with the birth of the Infusion BreakDown Show Podcast in 2018. Our vision is to inspire problem solving through thoughtful collaboration, through three simple steps "Think. Connect. Build."

Bryan Carey [Creative Director/Producer]- programmer turned multi-disciplinary autodidact spanning from painting to cross hybridization of flowers. He loves to challenge himself to create connections between seemingly unrelated ideas to craft innovative solutions to problems, and uplifting the brilliant minds around him. A resident of Norfolk, Va since 2013 when he left the small town of Warsaw (Virginia) to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Old Dominion University. Bryan is also the host of the currently postponed 'Phyll the Love plant series




Joshua Freeman [Chief Editor/Producer]- Hailing from Harlem, Josh is the most decorated member of our team, receiving his bachelors in Sociology at Old Dominion University, and then his Masters in Behavioral Therapy in 2018.  His personal mission is to build awareness of the traumas that impact black people as a consequence of slavery and discrimination throughout history, and to dismantle the policies that enable institutional racism within our country.  Josh is our resident media critique and host of the all things in the 'JOSHUAvs' universe. 


Des Tilllmon [Chief Designer]/Producer- the son of two highly accomplished Naval officers and a proud father, Des is perhaps the most spiritually grounded of our team, as well as being an accomplished day trader. His background (BS. in Political Science & minor in Philosophy) as well as his wealth of life experience from living in Japan and coming into his as a young father, contribute to his vast wisdom. 

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